Tuesday Tribute...Valencia Patterson, Woman of Valor

by Deneane Stanley-Sutton

Tuesday Tribute...Valencia Patterson, Woman of Valor

Valor, courage, fearlessness, and strength are all synonymous to the meaning of the name, Valencia.  I have to say, each one of these characteristics is revealed in this beautiful woman. 

Valencia Patterson is the kind of woman you can trust with your heart, literally.  She often shares that one of the most amazing things she experienced as a health care professional is to have held a human heart in her hands.  I would certainly trust her with mine.  Valencia has been in health care for more than 42 years and is currently serving as a nurse practitioner.

Valencia has exhibited such stamina over her lifetime.  She has triumphed in the face of terror and proceeded when others would have turned back.  She found her love and purpose early in life and has consistently pushed herself beyond even her wildest dreams to live in the manifestation of those dreams, and there is yet more to come.

Valencia has conquered and carried countless others with her to a place of success simply by living her best, blessed life.  She speaks very little of her great accomplishments, she just continues to reach more goals, impact more lives and serve others as she honors her Lord and Savior with her own life. 

I salute you today Valencia for all you are, for the light you shine and the joy you bring.  I salute you for your selfless service to family, friends and those you may not even know.  You are truly a woman worthy of honor today and always.  May this tribute simply remind you of how much you are valued and appreciated today as Valencia Patterson, Woman of Valor!