Tuesday Tribute - To You!!!

by Deneane Stanley-Sutton

You are beautiful, sensitive, delicate, and strong; Even in the storm and rain you sing a happy song.  

You show love and compassion, yet you are neither weak nor feeble; You make a difference in the lives of all people

You know and are living out your purpose during highs and despite lows; You my beautiful, sensitive, delicate, strong sister, you are what it means to be a rose.

(excerpt from To Be a Rose) (c) 1996  Deneane Sutton 


Do you have a "Rose" in your life worthy of celebrating?  Who is that lady who changed your world?  Would you like to pay tribute to her while she can appreciate it, hear it, see it?  Submit her name and a small paragraph about her and let's celebrate her during this month of Women's History.