Tuesday Tribute - She is His Vessel

by Deneane Stanley-Sutton

March 22nd, eighty-one years ago, Bernice Edith arrived to her earthly assignment, a vessel to be filled with His Spirit.  Her purpose to prove what true victory looks like.  A soul that would be conditioned and positioned to endure hardships, pain, sadness and loss.  The kind of loss that could crush a woman and then leave her for bitter and broken; but instead, Bernice's vessel was filled with love, joy, peace and prosperity.  Rich in spirit, knowledge, and understanding of her Heavenly Father and His purpose.  

Bernice, endured the loss of her husband, sisters, son and a number of other loved ones, as a result, she has become a source of strength for generations.  You are our chaplain, a minister of the Gospel, and the keeper of the flame of hope in Jesus.  Your experience abroad profoundly enhanced your relationship with God to ensure you fulfill your mission on earth.  You have given of your spiritual and natural substance until your well seemed to run dry, but God, your source, ensures your resources will never run out.  You are a woman who accepts the Word of God as the unadulterated truth and you are truly a light to anyone in darkness.  

I am blessed to be connected to you, such a woman of power, tenacity and resilience.  I am blessed to have experienced your love all of my life. I am blessed simply to know that your prayers, your righteous connection, your position as a vessel of honor, has made the difference in our family.  The Minor and Christian Family are blessed to honor the living legacy I call Aunt Bernice.

I commend you Auntie to shine on and continue to guide broken, lost, and lonely souls out of darkness and into the marvelous light!  It is my honor to honor you with this tribute, and to celebrate your birth in this month we celebrate Women in History.  You are our living legend!