Tuesday Tribute - Patricia Middleton -- World Changer

by Deneane Stanley-Sutton


You have changed the world for many, you have made multiple dreams come true, Your impact, your words, your love for God is evident in all you do.

My mission at this moment is to celebrate you Patricia.  You are the vision and the visionary.  I am on a mission to lift your spirit and remind you not to be weary.

Be reminded today that you are the change the world has been looking for.  

You are the key to open the locked door.

You are the way to success, the path to victory indeed.

You are equipped divinely with the yielded spirit this world needs.

You have changed the worlds of so many, while your world has changed as well; Continue to share your journey, your story is an amazing one to tell.

I am grateful simply to know you and to have been enlightened by your heart of love; I appreciate your service and commitment, knowing it comes straight from heaven above.

I salute you with this tribute.  I thank you for fulfilling your mission.  You have manifested your own beautiful dreams while assisting others to have faith enough to write their vision.

Celebrating you contribution that has changed to world.