Michelle Wilder-Baker -- A Lasting Impression

by Deneane Stanley-Sutton

Michelle Wilder-Baker, A Lasting Impression!

You are a formidable presence, a force, the kind of person who leaves an imprint on your heart.

Your reputation preceded you, before actually meeting you in person, I knew you were a woman of purpose.  After that first impression, I knew you were a woman on a mission to impact lives.

You live and breathe on the promises of God.

You put others first and you exude so much joy that it is infectious!

You have helped people rediscover their sense of self and restore hope when it has been lost.

You have created lifelong joy for many and changed lives with the stroke of a pen.

You are a mover and shaker, a builder and maker of dreams bigger than your own interests, and you thrive on witnessing dreams of others come true.

You changed my life, you reminded me that I could not fail on my journey to home ownership.  Your connecting connections and resourcing of resources always ensure success.  You continue to make so many other dreams come true, creating success stories for anyone who dares cross your path.  

Michelle, you are A Lasting Impression.  For me, each time I unlock my door, I see your smiling face saying "you will be a home owner."    

I take this moment to salute and encourage you, my dear friend and sister.  I want this to serve as a reminder that you are an amazing soul and your labor of love has not been in vain.  You have made lasting impressions in so many places, on so many people, your love lingers like a sweet smelling perfume.  It is my honor to honor you today with this Tribute.  You are the miracle I celebrate today!

Thank you for all you do!