Hey Sis...This one's for you!

by Deneane Stanley-Sutton

picture of women marching for women's rights and female empowerment

Why choose?

You figured it out: the choice is always yours.

You could stand still and let the waves and winds of life drive you in whatever direction they want to take you.

You could build a vessel for the journey and choose your destination on purpose and set your eyes to get there.

You could simply do nothing at all and let life live you, rather than living life.

There are so many options, so many decisions that can be made, some forbade but still many available to be had.

Being the woman you are, understanding that your choice, whatever it is, will be impactful.

Your choice will change lives for better or worse.

Your choice will lift or tear down, create calm or cause chaos, determine victory or defeat simply because of who you are.

You are a powerful queen, your choices matter.

Walk easy sister, with wisdom for the ages, as you turn your journey pages and see the impact, benefits, and blessings of your choices.

#youimpcatdestiny #choosewithwisdom #choicesmatter