A Sister For All Seasons

by Deneane Stanley-Sutton

Jackie Terrey, Sr. — Sister For All Seasons

Jackie, you were born to conquer, made to win, lifted by the wind of angels beneath your wings.

Your humble beginnings were necessary, each challenge created to ensure your continued stamina for your unique journey.
You have gumption! You know how to make ways when there is seemingly none. You have endured, when some thought you were failing, you were actually winning, achieving, and gaining momentum for the next dimension of your ministry mission.

Twenty-five years ago you fell in love and married the man who would accompany you on the venture of a lifetime, and the ride has been an amazing one. Your ministry mission team was established through this union and yes you have everything you need to succeed!

I watch you, I admire you, I appreciate everything you do to ensure that everyone in your life is well. Despite your own hurt, your own pain, your own lack, you see to it that anyone whose life you touch or path you cross is better because of you.

Your smile, so genuine, your laugh, your words that ignite fire and renew strength, you are truly a gift to humanity, and yes, you will say in response “to God be the Glory.” I give Him glory for you today.

Soon the world will know your story, but today, I just want you to know that you are appreciated and loved, and you have been a loving sister in every season.

I am rising up to call you blessed, may your every dream manifest and your joy overflow, may each need be met and may you never forget your value and worth is much more than rubies!